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Purdy Elite Dale Brush

Purdy Elite Dale Brush

The Purdy XL Elite Dale Paint Brush is made with Nylon/Polyester filaments for giving complete control and accuracy when using water and oil based paints. The angled head is ideal for precise finish around windows and door frames.

Due to its square edge ferrule, the Purdy XL Elite Dale Paint Brush gives you complete control and accuracy when you need it most. It’s a stiff Nylon/Polyester bristle brush for use with interior and exterior, water and oil based paints, especially precise areas like window and door frames.

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The Purdy Elite XL Dale Paint Brush is an angled head Stiff Nylon/Polyester filament blend with a wooden handle design. It is suitable for Latex based paints, Oil based paints, Oil based primers/sealers, Solid stains and Water based primers/sealers.

For a brush that does it all, choose the popular and versatile XL Elite Dale series from Purdy. The Purdy XL Elite Dale Paint Brush is a good all-purpose brush and perfect for accurate painting.

Purdy brushes are designed and hand made in the USA for maximum painting performance using the highest quality materials available. Each step in their production process represents a standard for hand craftsmanship and quality unmatched in the industry. Purdy is the most popular brand with professional decorators.

If looked after properly a Purdy Paint Brush will last for a long time even if used on a regular basis.


  • Angled Brush gives precise finish to skirting and doors
  • Fluted handle is ideal for hard to reach areas
  • Handmade in the USA

Technical Information

Brand Purdy
Paint Type Latex based paints, Oil based paints, Oil based primers/sealers, Solid stains and Water based primers/sealers
Material Nylon/Polyester
Brush Style Angular Trim
Handle Type Rattail
Sizes 1 Inch, 1.5 Inches, 2 Inches, 2.5 Inches
Cleanup Thoroughly clean directly after using Water for water based paint or White Spirit for oil based paints


It is essential to pick the correct brush for the type of paint and substrate you are painting. We recommend the following:

  • White natural bristle paint brush, made from animal hair for oil-based paints when painting on smooth surfaces. The bristle is soft and subtle.
  • Black natural bristle paint brush, made from animal hair for oil-based paints when painting on textured surfaces. The bristle is stiffer and harder wearing.
  • Nylon filament paint brush, for water based paint such at Emulsion, Latex or Vinyl. These are designed for consistent performance.
  • Nylon/Polyester Blend paint brush, for water based and oil based paint. This allows the paint to flow a more even and smooth transfer of paint onto the surface.

Before use, flick the bristles back and forth to remove dust. Moisten it in water if you are about to use a water-based paint, or turps if you are about to use an oil-based paint.


To get the best results when painting your walls, window frames, skirting boards, doors and other surfaces, it is essential to be careful.

To achieve a great finish, always brush in sections and paint up to a natural break before stopping.

Never try to brush over an area that is semi-dry, as the brush will leave marks in the surface and if you see a run in the wet paint, paint over it with light even strokes.

Make sure you remove excess liquid before painting.

Fill the brush by dipping in up to half the length of the bristles.

Don’t wipe the brush against the lip of the can but tap it against the side of the can to remove excess paint.

Start at the top and work down, painting with light even strokes, working back into the wet edge.If you are painting a large area by brush, apply paint to an area about 50cm x 50cm, then brush the paint in horizontal strokes to even the paint out and finish off with light vertical strokes all in the same direction.

If you are using a brush and roller, paint the edges of the area first using a brush.


When using water based paints and the brush is to be left overnight, or over the weekend, you can simply wrap tightly in a plastic bag. This will prevent the paint from drying out and allowing you to simply pick up where you left off.

Oil based paints can dry out fairly quickly even when not exposed to air but can be left overnight. Do not leave it any longer than that.

We don’t recommend leaving the brush inside the tin of unused paint. Not only can it get very messy but you will be doing serious long-term damage to the brush.

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