Osmo Stone and Terracotta Oil

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Osmo Stone and Terracotta Oil

An oil-based moisture-repellent barrier for stone, terracotta, granite and more.

Made from a unique blend of oils to protect stone and terracotta surfaces against moisture damage, surface scuffs, staining and scratches. Greatly reduces dust from screed and concrete surfaces. Penetrates deep into the substrate to offer superior protection.


  • Beautifies and protects your surfaces
  • Does not crack, peel or flake
  • Clear natural finish in satin sheen

Technical Information

Brand Osmo
Coverage Up to 32m² per litre
Application Osmo Floor Roller or Osmo Floor Brush for larger areas, Osmo Soft Tip Brush or Osmo Hand Application Fleece for smaller areas
Drying Time 9 hours
Coats 2 coats recommended
Cleanup With Osmo Brush Cleaner 
Storage 5 years if can kept dry and firmly shut. Store for 24–36 hours at room temperature before use
VOC 400g/l
Ingredients Based on natural plant oils (sunflower oil, soya oil, thistle oil and linseed oil), siccatives (drying agents) and additives, biocidal active ingredient: Propiconazole. Dearomatized white spirit (benzene-free).


Ensure that surfaces to be coated are clean, dry and gree from contaminants (firt, dust, grease, wax, polish etc.). To ensure successful application, Osmo Stone and Terracotta Oil should be applied to porous substrates only.


Always do a test area before starting any project to assess product suitability and final finish, as yellowing may occur on white and light coloured surfaces. Please ensure you are following the manufacturer's instructions at all times.

Osmo Stone and Terracotta Oil is ready for use, please do not dilute/thin. Stir well and do not shake.

1. Apply first coat thinly and evenly using an Osmo Floor Roller or Osmo Floor Brush. For smaller areas use an Osmo Soft Tip Brush or an Osmo Hand Application Fleece.

2. Remove any surplus oil using a pad or lint-fre cloth.

for larger areas, remove any excess oil using a rubber scraper and polish with a buffing machine.

Once all oil has been absorbed, allow to dry for 8-10 hours.

Apply a second thin coat, allow to fully dry.

If renovating a previously oiled finish, one coat of Osmo Stone and Terracotta Oil should suffice.

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