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the quick cure for professionals.

The ideal professional wood finish. Designed for application using Osmo's specially designed FloorXcenter. Fast drying, fast curing and hard wearing. Dries to a clear, satin-matt fnish.

Ideal For

Perfect for wooden floors, such as:

  • Solid wood
  • Plank wood flooring
  • Blockstrip
  • CSB
  • Cork
  • Resinous, extractive-rich woods
  • High traffic areas
  • All sanded parquet, block strip, plankwood flooring


  • Two-part flooring oil desigend for FloorXcenter machine application only
  • Clear, satin-matt finish
  • Blend of natural oils and waxes
  • Safe for human, animals and plants when dry
  • Free of solvents and water
  • Reistant to dirt, water and abrasion
  • Microporous surface - does not crack, peel, flake, or blister

Technical Information

Brand Osmo
Coverage 30m² per litre
Application Brush, Roller, Pad
Drying Time Touch dry in 24 hours @ 23°C

2 coats for intensive depth of colour

For Interior Wooden Floors: 1 base coat of Polyx Oil Tint followed by a top coat of a Clear Polyx Oil

Cleanup White spirit or brush cleaner
Storage Up to 2 years if can kept dry and closed tightly. Store for 24–36 hours at room temperature before use. Leftover already mixed product cannot be stored and reused.
VOC Max. 50g/l
Ingredients Component A: based on natural plant oils and waxes (sunflower oil, soya oil, thistle oil, carnauba wax and candelilla wax). Paraffin, siccatives (drying agents) and water-repellent additives. Hardener (Component B): solvent-free, aliphatic polyisocyanate. Detailed declaration of ingredients available upon request.

Alternative Osmo Products

Product Use
Osmo Polyx Oil OriginalOsmo Polyx Oil Original

The original, clear hardwax oil designed for most wooden floors & surfaces. Available in Satin, Matt, Semi-Matt and Glossy

Osmo Polyx Oil TintsOsmo Polyx Oil Tints

Use as a base coat - especially recommended for wooden floors. 

Alternatively use 2 coats of Polyx Oil Tints for a strong depth of colour on low-traffic areas.

Osmo Polyx Oil RawOsmo Polyx Oil Raw Use to retain the 'raw', light characteristics of untreated wood
Osmo Wood Wax Finish Extra ThinOsmo Wood Wax Finish Extra Thin Use as an alternative to Polyx Oil Original for hardwoods, such as Teak, Ipe & Meranti
Osmo Polyx Oil RapidOsmo Polyx Oil Anti Slip Polyx Oil with anti-slip properties - use for stairs or flooring
Osmo Polyx Oil ExpressOsmo Polyx Oil Rapid Cuts drying times in half. Perfect for when time is of the essence.
Osmo Polyx Oil 2KOsmo Polyx Oil Express Two-part flooring oil for professional, machine application only


Product Information
Safety Data Sheet


Wood surface must be clean, dry and frost-free.

Osmo Polyx Oil 2K Pure is not ready to use. Shortly before application, add the hardener. Pease ensure that the packaging of the hardener is compeltely emptied and that both components are mixed thoroughly. 

Please do not thin. 

Clean old microporous stains thoroughly. Old paints anc lacquers must be completely removed. 

We recommend wearing a dust mask during sanding works as a general rule.

Fill small cracks, larger joints or holes in wood with Osmo Wood Filler.

Sand wood surfaces carefully. Befin with coarse sandpaper - final sanding work for flooring P120-150, for furniture P220-240. Before oiling the surface, remove sanding dust with a broom or vacuum cleaner. 

The finished surface is influenced by several factors. Please conduct a trial application.


Apply thinly along the wood grain with Osmo Double Blade Scraper and spread well.

Allow wood to absorb the product for approx. 30-60 minutes. Afterwards, massage into wood with FloorxCenter with a green pad. Directly afterwards, apply the second coat with a scraper (wet-in-wet). Allow to absorb and massage in.

Even out with FloorxCenter with a white pad. Allow surface to dry.

If the machine leaves streaks, we recommend turning the pad over, cleaning or replacing it.

Please Note: The mixture is unusable 4-6 hours after adding the hardener.


Wood surfaces treated with Polyx® Oil 2K Pure are easy to maintain. Remove coarse dirt with a broom or a vacuum cleaner. To clean, add Osmo Wash and Care concentrate to mop water and clean the suface with a damp (not wet) mop. 

To refresh and clean intensively use Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner when necessary.

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