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Osmo Small Basic Roller Tray.

Osmo Basic Roller Trays are designed to be strong, stable and durable. 

Osmo Basic Roller Trays allow you to use with the majority of all Osmo ranges. For longer duration with Osmo products you can also use Osmo Tray inserts which allow you to protect the roller tray and allow cleaning up an easier process to withstand. 

Basic Roller Trays are ideal to use alongside Osmo Roller Frames. It's advised you choose the correct Roller Frame and Microfibre Rollers with the correct Roller Tray. 

The small Basic Tray measures up to 150mm x 307mm. It's important to know that Osmo Basic Roller Tray - Small is only suitable for rollers up to 100mm (4 inches). 

If you are thinking about an all-in-one kit, then we can recommend using Osmo Small Brush & Roller Set.


  • An official Osmo Basic Roller Tray to go alongside Osmo Microfibre Roller and Osmo Roller Frame. 
  • Osmo Basic Roller Tray is available in two sizes – Small (100mm rollers) and Large (250mm rollers).
  • The base of the tray is especially designed to be stable and durable. 
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