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Osmo Basic Roller Large Tray Inserts.

An offical Osmo Large Tray Inserts to keep your product fresh and sealed for multiple usage. 

Osmo Basic Roller Tray Inserts are designed for the larger Basic trays and the large Basic Roller Frames. These trays are the ideal attachment for a easy clean process when using the tray. With this tray insert you are able to use several products at once.

The Large Basic Insert Trays measures up to 310mm x 345mm, ever so slightly smaller than the Large Basic Roller Tray to allow it to sit and seal for fresh applications from time and time again. It's important to know that Osmo Basic Roller Large Insert Trays are designed especially for the larger Osmo basic Trays and will not fit onto any other tray. - Large is only suitable for rollers up to 125mm (11 inches). 


  • Osmo Basic Roller Large Inserts are availabe in packs of 5.
  • Osmo Basic Roller Tray Inserts are available in two sizes – Small (100mm rollers) and Large  (250mm rollers).
  • The Osmo Tray inserts are designed to fit with the Osmo Basic Roller Tray, availabe in small and large 
  • Allows an easy application and an easy clean up during and after projects.

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Brand Osmo
GTIN 4006850911325
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