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Moldex 6800 SNR 27 dB WaveBand 2K
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Moldex 6800 Banded Earplugs protects against intermittent noise throughout the day.

Moldex 6800 are lightweight banded earplugs. Made with low band pressure, meaning it’s comfortable to use for workers and visitors, supplying them with the correct hearing protection. WaveBand are known to be extra soft tapered foam prod gently conforming to the ear canal, it’s the perfect choice for intermittent usage. It behaves in such a way which creates a comfortable hang around the user’s neck, being fit for increased compliance and convenience. Visually the Waveband looks stylish with its sleek and slim design.

It’s a lighter and alternative option to Moldex M-series earmuffs. A great plus side to the WaveBand ear plugs that its designed not to interfere with masks and eyewear. Moldex are independently tested to EN 352-2:2002 for protection you can count on, 100% PVC-Free, like all Moldex products & packaging - for a greener alternative.

All Moldex products and packaging are completely PCV Free.

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WaveBand are hearing protectors from Moldex, with easy to use attitudes, it’s extremely comfortable to wear in all working activities. They are quick to operate and use when you need to suddenly change hearing options. WaveBand are designed giving the user freedom to use the earplugs whenever they want allowing the earplugs to sit comfortably around the users neck, making them ideal for intermittent use.

 Moldex 6800 Waveband earplugs are known to be one of the lightest semi-aural hearing devices on the market. Their durability and reliability makes the earplugs a must have when using them in working conditions. They provide long lasting protection for exposed loud noises throughout the working day, also easy to dispose for factory visitors.

 Visually they are round pod plugs that seal the entrance of the ear canal, making them more wearer acceptable knowing that you are going to receive the correct protection against daily noise. There is no need to have loose individual earplugs with no real attachment, risk of them falling out with no support when the WaveBand provides security making the Waveband the hygienic choice.  


  • Anatomically designed banded earplugs
  • Worn under the chin to allow freedom of movement without contact sounds
  • Dual material design with grip points
  • Extremely lightweight – only 12 g
  • Band pressure only 1,2 N for high level of comfort
  • Replacement pods are available separately
  • Tested and certified to EN 352-2:2002

Technical Information

Brand Moldex

The Moldex range of hearing protection products meet the requirements of EN352-2 and are CE-Marked in accordance with the requirements of European Directive 89/686/EEC. Responsible for type examination (Article 10): “WaveBand“: FIOH (0403) in Helsinki (FIN).


Polyurethane, Polyoxymethylene (POM),  Thermoplastic Elastomere (TPE)

Attenuation Data

The Moldex range of hearing protection products passes the EN352-2 minimum attenuation requirements (Please see Product Information for more details)

Instructions For Fitting

1. Place band under chin and gently insert pods into ear canal.

2. Ensure tip of pod is located in ear  canal. Grasp top of ear, pull upwards and gently push pod into ear.

Instructions For Use

- The products must be used in accordance with the relevant national legislation.

- Warning: disregarding the instructions for use and fi tting instructions for these products can affect the product effi ciency in protecting against noise.

- The products should be stored in a cool, dry environment.

- The products may be adversely affected by direct contact with certain chemical substances (e.g. aromatic hydrocarbons).

- The products are reusable provided the hygiene of the product is maintained between uses. Clean with mild soap and water. 

Product Numbers

Manufacturer's Part Numbers (MPN):


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