Liberon Stone Floor Cleaner

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Liberon Stone Floor Cleaner

Liberon stone floor cleaner, designed to remove general stubborn dirt for stone flooring

Thoroughly cleans and removes dirt, grease and previous finishes from terracotta and stone floors. Water based.

Liberon Stone Floor Cleaner is the ideal product for removing layers of dirt, grease that may have been built up overtime. You are able to use this product for exterior stone flooring.


  • Removes grease and general dirt from stone floors and terracotta.
  • Suitable to use on sealed and unsealed stone flooring.
  • A water-based formulation.
  • Easy to use and apply.
  • Can be used neat on stubborn stains.

Technical Information

Coverage 15-20m²
Application Cloth or mop
Drying Time Minimum 1 hour, leave 24 hours before refinishing

Please check the Safey Data sheet for ingredients.

MPN 004434, 004430


Product Information


If treating new stone, once your stone or terracotta floor has been cleaned it will need protecting from water and staining with either Liberon Natural Finish Stone Floor Sealer or Liberon Colour Enhancer Stone Floor Sealer.


Dilute Stone Floor Cleaner to a 25% solution in warm water.

For real stubborn stains and marks, Liberon Stone Floor Cleaner can be used neat.

To apply the cleaner, use either a floor mop or sponge. You may need to rub vigorously over areas which require more action.

Allow the product to work on the surface for around 10-15 minutes. Rinse several times with clean warm water and allow to dry thoroughly.

To remove stubborn stains, its advised that you pour a small amount of near Stone Floor Cleaner onto the stain.

Let Liberon Stone Floor Cleaner to work around 15 minutes then scrub with a brush to remove the stubborn stain.

Rinse and allow to dry.


Use this product as often as required to do so, depending on the traffic of the floor.

To re-shine floors already sealed with Liberon Stone Floor Sealer, then you can apply Liberon Stone Floor Shine.

Product Numbers

Manufacturer's Part Numbers (MPN):

004434, 004430


3282390032671, 3282390047088

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