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Liberon Plastic Scraper, Designed To Strip Away Paints & Varnishes.

Liberon Plastic Scraper, durable hard wearing scraper designed to help remove paints and varnishes from surfaces without the risk of damage. Preferred product against metal scrapers.

Liberon Plastic Scraper is especially designed to help strip away paints and varnishes without the risk of potential scoring the surface of the wood.

The scraper is manufactured from a hard durable plastic, with the perks of being a flexible than the general metal scrapers.

As well as stripping away finishes like paints and varnishes, it can also be used for filling. If you are wanting to use Liberon Plastic Scraper for the very reason, we can recommend using Liberon Wood FIller.

Liberon Wood Filler is a easy and ready to use product which is water-based. With multi-purpose options, this product is ideal for most woods and comes in 4 colours to help match the shade and colour of your wood. Flexible and versatile, you can drill, screw and nail into the wood filling formula, allowing you to complete and use this product with ease.

Liberon Plastic Scrapers are good available in a set of 2.  


  • Long lasting and durable.
  • Snap resistance.
  • Easy grip handling.
  • Durable hard wearing plastic.
  • Ideal for stripping paints and varnishes.

Technical Information

Brand Liberon
Material Plastic
MPN 015042
GTIN 5022640010558

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