Liberon Pearl Glue

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Liberon Pearl Glue

Liberon Pearl Glue

AllFinishes presents to you Liberon. A traditional superior range of wood and surface finishes that have been preserving and protecting British floors since 1912. With high advanced technology, Liberon is unbeatable in quality and are optimised for durability, quick drying with the perfect finish.

High quality animal glue in traditional pearl used for antique restoration and veneering.

Liberon Pearl Glue is a traditional glue material used for wood veneering, carpentry, antique furniture restorations and general joinery. You can use this product with any sort of wooden restoration, depending on how traditional you want to approach your project.

Liberon Pearl Glue is not like any other regular glue, this glue allows you to repair and withstand general resistance to moisture and damp environments.


  • Ideal for using on antique furniture restorations.
  • Traditional glue solutions to laying wood veneer.
  • Natural bone and hide glue.
  • Drying time of 12-24 hours.

Technical Information

Brand Liberon
MPN 004522, 004530, 004527, 004523


Before using this product, make sure the area you are wanting to treat is clean from any dirt, grease and other surface contaminants as this may alter the gluing capabilities of the final result.


The first step in making the glue is you want to roughly estimate the amount you are willing to use for the restoration.

Pour the contents into a contain, soak the glue overnight in about 3-4 times the volume of water.

Heat the solution in a double pot with frequent stirring until glue has fully melted. It’s important to note that you do not want the glue to boil and bubble. 

If the glue has come out too thick, you may need to add water to the solution to thin it out slightly. You do not want to see any bumps or irregularity; it wants to be smooth.


Once you have used the glue, if you have some left, that’s fine you can reheat and reuse the glue for around 2-3 times once used the first time.

If the solution looks dirty and has been sitting there for a long period of time, you may need to discard and create a new batch repeating the steps above.

Product Numbers

Manufacturer's Part Numbers (MPN):
014987, 014988, 014989, 014990, 014991


5022640007817, 5022640003574, 5022640007824, 5022640007831, 5022640016604, 

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