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Liberon Laminate Reviver, designed to restore interior flooring from general wear and tear

Revives the shine on worn laminate flooring and protects against everyday wear and tear. Non-slip - tested to NF P90106

Liberon Laminate Reviver is the ideal product for protecting and restoring interior laminate and vinyl flooring. The formula is designed to help disguise general scuffs, and scratches while leaving a non-slip protective quality. With this protective coating in place, it helps reduce wear and tear.

Laminate Reviver helps revives the lustre of the laminate and most types of vinyl flooring with one easy solution to the application.


  • Revives the protective layer on laminate flooring.
  • Reduces long term general wear and tear.
  • Dries in 30 minutes.
  • Provides non-slip qualities.
  • Disguises and hides superficial scratches.
  • Tested to NF P90106.

Technical Information

Coverage 1L - 40-50m²
Application Cloth or mop
Drying Time Minimum 30 minutes

Please check the Safey Data sheet for ingredients.

MPN 004450


Safety Data Sheet


Ensure the floor is clean, dry and dust free.

If required, we can recommend using Liberon laminate Clean & Seal. Designed to be non-aggressive cleaner which is used for regular maintenance of laminate flooring. The formulation will remove general dirt and stubborn marks left by grease, mud and shoes without creating any sort of damage to the surface.

It’s important you apply this product in well ventilated areas.


Before using this product, please shake the product thoroughly.

Apply a thin coat of Libero Laminate Reviver evenly to the floor.

You are able to use either a mop, sponge or floor cloth depending on the project and personal preference.

Allow to dry for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Please note, on heavy traffic areas or badly worn surfaces, you may need to apply a second coat once the first coat has completely dried.

For a high shine, apply further coats of Liberon Laminate Reviver and repeat the process stated above.


To secure the longevity of your laminate, clean regularly with Liberon Clean & Seal and refresh with Laminate Reviver when the surface looks visually tired.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Do not empty into any drainage systems.

Do not allow to freeze.

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