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Liberon Laminate Repair Filler Sticks, Used to repair deep scratches, pin and nail holes.

For filling deep scratches and imperfect joints in laminate flooring. Mixed set of 3 colours suits most flooring.

Liberon Laminate Repair Sticks can be applied to fill in medium to deep scratches and poor fitting joints in laminate flooring. The repair sticks can be used on laminate and wood surfaces to fill nail and pin holes.


  • For filling deep scratches and imperfect joints.
  • Repairs can be carried out without sanding.
  • Can be fused together for closer colour matching.
  • Packaging Mixed pack of three colours.

Technical Information

MPN: 014735

GTIN: 5022640028256


Safety Data Sheet


Before using the sticks on your wood, always carry out a test patch to check the colour of the wood and the compatibility.

Liberon Laminate Repair Sticks are available to be used for laminate flooring which is close to your colour of flooring.

If in doubt, choose a colour that is ever so slightly darker than the laminate.

Rub the Laminate Repair Stick across and along the scratch until it is completely filled.

Allow the wax to harden.

Buff the areas using a soft lint-free cloth.

Please note for any superficial scratches and scuffs, we can recommend using Laminate Reviver. The ideal product for protecting and restoring interior laminate and vinyl flooring. The formula is designed to help disguise general scuffs, and scratches while leaving a non-slip protective quality. With this protective coating in place, it helps reduce wear and tear.

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