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Liberon Laminate Clean & Seal, designed for lifting touch grease and stubborn stains

Non-aggressive cleaner for the regular maintenance of laminate 

Liberon Laminate Clean & Seal is designed to be non-aggressive cleaner which is used for regular maintenance of laminate flooring.

The formulation will remove general dirt and stubborn marks left by grease, mud and shoes without creating any sort of damage to the surface.

For most suitable laminate, vinyl and lino flooring, you can use Laminate Floor Clean & Seal to restore the characteristic to the laminate surface. Leave a non-slip quality to the finish. The qualities are designed with an ant-static agent, which slows down the deposition of dust.


  • Removes dirt, grease and general scuff marks on laminated wooden surfaces.
  • Restores the characteristics to the laminate surface.
  • Suitable for laminate, lino and vinyl flooring.
  • Use neat to remove stubborn marks and stains.
  • Concentrated formula, a single 1L makes 25L of cleaning fluid.

Technical Information

Coverage 200ml to 5L water
Application Cloth or Mop
Drying Time Minimum 30 minutes

Please check the Safey Data sheet for ingredients.

MPN 004457


Safety Data Sheet


Before you go ahead and use this product, ensure that you shake and stir well before use.

Sweep the floor to remove all possible evidence of dust and dirt.

Before you apply this product, ensure you apply Liberon Laminate Clean & Seal in well ventilated areas.


If you are planning on using this product for general cleaning, add one cap full of Laminate Clean & Seal to 5L of warm water. Wash the floor using a cloth or sponge mop, allow to dry.

To remove stubborn marks, treat the affected area with a small amount of neat Laminate Clean & Seal using a soft scrubbing brush or lint-free cloth.

To speed the drying time, wipe over with a dry clean cloth.


It’s important to take care of your wood and ensure you are optimising the potential.

Repeat the application cleaning procedure as and when required to do so.

For health and safety, ensure you store this product out the reach of children.

Do not allow to freeze.

Contains perfume.

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