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Liberon Hard Wax Oil

Liberon Hard Wax Oil, Fusion Of High Quality Oils & Waxes.

AllFinishes presents to you Liberon. A traditional superior range of wood and surface finishes that have been preserving and protecting British floors since 1912. With high advanced technology, Liberon is unbeatable in quality and are optimised for durability, quick drying with the perfect finish.

Liberon Hard Wax Oil is a combination of high quality oil and wax. Due to it's low VOC contents, this product is eco-friendly and safe to use around your home. Maintaining the natural look in woods is a quality that this Hard Wax holds and will perform exceptionally well on your wooden interior furniture.

Liberon Hard Wax Oil is a combination of high quality oil and wax which will give you superior protection
against daily wear and tear for your wooden floors and furniture.

Due to it's low VOC contents, this product is eco-friendly and safe to use around your home without harming loved ones around you with harmful chemicals that some products can produce. The Hard Wax Oil is pleasant and easy to use, it does not have a strong odour when you apply it.

Maintaining the natural look in woods is a quality that this Hard Wax holds and will perform exceptionally well on your wooden interior furniture. The formulation provides a durable barrier on soft and hardwoods, which fight against daily usage of water, stains, heat, dirt and general wear and tear. Due to the oil properties, it is suitable to apply it in high moisture and humid environments such as kitchens and bathrooms as well as general household environments.

Liberon Hard Wax Oil can be applied and used on bare wood, or previously oiled wood. The product is available in two sheens, matt and satin, depending on the finish you desire. The oil is washable with mild detergent and tools can be easily cleaned with water.


  • A combination of premium high quality oil and wax for providing protection for wooden flooring and furniture.
  • Makes wooden surfaces resistance against water and general stains.
  • Ideal product to use throughout the home with low VOC and low odour.
  • Strong, highly durable and water resistant
  • Hard Wax oil that provides a long lasting strong durable finish with smooth qualities.
  • Maintains the natural beauty and look of the wood.

Technical Information

Brand Liberon
Coverage 14m² per litre
Application Brush or roller
Drying Time Average of 8 hours per coat, 24 hours in total for final drying time.
Storage Always store in dry conditions with the lid firmly shut in temperatures above 5°C. Keep out the way of children. Do not allow the product to freeze.
VOC Low 

Please check the Safey Data sheet for ingredients.

MPN 104466, 104467, 104468, 104469


Product Information

Safety Data Sheet


Before using the application on general wooden interiors around your home, ensure the area is clean from any dust, dirt and grease so the oil can penetrate and protect with excellent results.

Wear suitable clothing and protective gloves before applying the oil. Exposure to skin may cause some allergic reactions .

Apply in well ventilated areas.

If you are wanting to apply the oil on varnished, waxed or painted wood, there is a few procedures you need to follow.

Any previous finishes that have been there before hand needs to be removed completely and stripped back to the bare wood. We recommend you use Liberon Fine Wood Stripper.

You can use Liberon Wax & Polish Remover to help you remove anyway existing wax finishes that may been the wooden surface.

If in the case of any holes and cracks on the surface you can fill in the gaps using Liberon Wood Filler. With many colours to choose from, you are able to find the wood filler which can blend into the colour of your wood without detection.

Lightly sand the wood to allow the oil to penetrate the surface.

Remove all evidence of dust that may have been left behind from sanding.

To use Hard Wax Oil on bare wood or previously oiled wood, you should sand lightly using 150-240 grit sand paper which will allow you to apply correctly to provide the best protection and finish.


Before applying Hard Wax Oil onto a large scale area, always test out the product on a scrap piece of wood first to allow you to understand how the oil is going to behave.

Always follow the manufacturing guidance stated on the product and online advice. If you are uncertain about using Hard Wax Oil on certain wooden furniture and timber, contact the supplier of where you received the wood from.

Do not apply Hard Wax Oil in conditions below 12°C as the oil may not operate correctly. If the oil is trying to dry in cooler conditions, drying time will increase and take longer to complete. It's recommended to apply the oil in conditions above 12°C for optimal results.

Stir and mix the contents in the tin thoroughly to ensure that the oil is smooth and ready to use.

The application of the first coat has to be applied thinly with a natural brush or a microfibre roller, depends on what you feel comfortable with.

Allow the coats to dry for around 8 hours between each coat.

Sand with 150-240 grit paper, and remove all traces of dust to ensure high quality coatings.

Apply coats repeating the same process as the first.

Leave the surfaces to touch dry for 24 hours.


Once you have treated and oiled the wooden surfaces, avoid allowing water to interact. Allow around 3 weeks for the application to fully cure and harden.

The treated surface may be washed with mild detergents, depending on the severity.

If you notice that a small area is starting to become worn down to general wear and tear or high traffic, sand the area lightly using 150-240 grit paper and remove all excess dust. Apply another coat of Liberon Hard Wax Oil to the area and leave to touch dry for 24 hours.

Once finished, dispose the contents/container to a waste collection center which can be dealt with professionally.

Do not allow the product to freeze.

Due to the interaction with oil, the cloths can self combust if exposed to any flammable ignitions and can become a fire hazard. Do no leave the cloths in bundles, before discarding, lay them flat outside to fully dry.

Product Numbers

Manufacturer's Part Numbers (MPN):
104466, 104467, 104468, 104469


3282391033608, 3282391033615, 3282391033622, 3282391033639

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