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Liberon Foam Dye Applicators, Easy to Use With Any Liberon Wood Dye or Varnishes.

Liberon Foam Dye Applicators are easy to use with any Liberon wood dye or varnishes.

Liberon Foam Dye Applicators come in a pack of 3 sizes, small, medium and large. The choice is yours when selecting the size, all depends on the size of the project and to reach in areas of your project that only small brush is capable of doing so. Foam tipped end brushes allow you to dye your wood with water-based dyes and varnishes. Using such brushes is designed to eliminate brush lines when the brushes are in use.

If you are looking to use these Foam Dye Applicators, we can recommend using Liberon Palette Wood Dye. Comes in a various amounts of wood dyes of your choosing.

These set of foam brushes are reusable so you are not limited to only one task and application. As long as the aftercare process is carried out by washing them properly, they will be suitable for reuse.


  • Pack of 3 sizes, 25mm, 50mm and 75mm
  • Foam Tipped ends which allow you to brush your wood dye.
  • Used with Liberon Palette Wood Dye.
  • Reusable foam brushes.

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