Liberon Burnishing Cream

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Liberon Burnishing Cream

Liberon Burnishing Cream

AllFinishes presents to you Liberon. A traditional superior range of wood and surface finishes that have been preserving and protecting British floors since 1912. With high advanced technology, Liberon is unbeatable in quality and are optimised for durability, quick drying with the perfect finish.

Covers superficial scratches and revives dull and tired varnish. Removes haze, bloom and water marks. Also cleans ivory, brass fittings, mother of pearl, tortoise shell and papier maché. Suitable for use on varnish, lacquer and modern finishes.

Liberon Burnishing Cream is designed especially to help revive, rejuvenate and clean highly polished surfaces. You can use this cream on such surfaces like French Polish, Varnishes and lacquers. You can use Liberon Burnishing Cream on surfaces which may have a haze effect and bloom from most modern finishes.

You are able to use this product to help clean surfaces like mother of pearl, brass inlays, fittings and tortoise shell. It’s important to note that this product may cause changes to newly applied finishes or slightly cracked finishes.


  • Removes any haze, bloom or watermarks on surfaces.
  • Cleans and revives the originality of polished interior wood finishes.
  • Designed for antique and modern furniture.
  • Easy to apply.
  • High VOC.
  • Can clean ivory, brass, tortoise shell, papier maché and mother of pearl.

Technical Information

Brand Liberon
Coverage 9-12m² per litre
Application Lint-free cloth
Drying Time Minimum 5 Minutes
Storage Always store in dry conditions with the lid firmly shut in temperatures above 5°C. Due to the solvent based ingredients, its recommend that you keep this product out of the reach of children and any sort of flame ignitions like smoking with its flammable contents.
VOC High, its recommended to wear suitable clothing and product yourself with our high quality Moldex range of mask respirators.

Please check the Safey Data sheet for ingredients.

MPN 014580, 014581, 014582, 014583


Product Information

Safety Data Sheet


As a standard preparation procedure, it’s important to ensure that the area you are going to treat is clean from any dirt, dust or anything other contaminant on the surface.

Always test a small section of the wood before using this cream to ensure that the final results is something you want to achieve before applying this product on a large scale area.

If you are looking to remove any previous waxes that may have been used, you can remove the wax using Liberon Wax & Polish Remover. This will allow you to remove existing old waxes, dirt, smoke, grime, grease and everyday uses. This can be used on antique and modern wooden furniture for interior wood work, from doors to beams, to dado rails and banisters.

It's advised that you wear suitable clothing like gloves before using this product. Repeated exposure to skin may cause your skin to dry and crack.

Please use Liberon Burnishing Cream in areas with plenty of ventilation for your own health and safety.


Before using this product, its advised to shake the contents well before use.

Soak Liberon Burnishing Cream into a clean lint-free cloth, then rub the surface rub vigorously into the grain where possible.

It’s important to pay attention to certain areas which may have more problems than others.

Allow the treated area to dry for around 2-3 minutes, then buff the area using a dry clean lint-free cloth


Keep out of reach from children.

Do not empty this product out into any drainage system.

If this product is consumed, please do not result into vomiting, seek immediate medical advice, show the container or label.

Product Numbers

Manufacturer's Part Numbers (MPN):
014580, 014581, 014582, 014583


5022640001013, 5022640002850, 5022640006919, 5022640006926

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