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Klingspor DT 300 F Extra Diamond cutting blades for angle grinders

Remain in full control of all processes: staying true to this motto, Klingspor managed to rise to be one of the world's first manufacturers of grinding and cutting tools. The Klingspor DT 300 F Extra Diamond Tile Blade is the perfect blade for cutting Tile, Stove Tiles and Masonary with an Angle Grinder.

Klingspor DT 300 F Tile Diamond Blade is the ideal product with price and performance in mind. It has been designed for clean edges when used for cutting tiles. Each pack contains one blade.

The Klingspor DT 300 F Universal Tile Diamond Blade comes in a variety of sizes to suit most angle grinders.

Designed for construction above and below ground, road building, roofers and stone cutters, Klingspor diamond products are suitable for all mineral materials and can be mounted on handheld machinery, table saws, electric joint cutters and joint cutters with a capacity of up to 20 kW.


  • Available in four sizes
  • Optimal price-performance ratio
  • Optimised wear properties
  • Steady performance increase of up to 45% in diamond tools made by Klingspor
  • Fits all major manufacturers models

Technical Information

Brand Klingspor
Dimension 115mm
Application Tiles, Stone, Concrete, Masonary, Others
Bonding Agent n/a
Grain Diamond
Coating n/a
Backing n/a
MPN 325358


We take health and safety seriously here at AllFinishes and recommend you use the correct protection for the job. Disregarding safety equipment can be damaging and result in long term health conditions. Please check out our Moldex range for high quality respirators and hearing protection.


Klingspor DT 300 F Universal Diamond Blade is suitable for all suitable angle grinders.


Klingspor DT 300 F Universal Diamond Blade can be used on the following materials:

  • Tiles
  • Natural Stone
  • Granite
  • Clinker
  • Concrete
  • Aerated Concrete
  • Rooftiles
  • Masonary
  • Brick
  • Chalky Sandstone
  • Firebrick
  • Screed
  • Refractory Brick
  • Asphalt


Please ensure you dispose of in the correct waste disposal

Compatible Machinery

Will fit all machinery with a diameter of either 115mm and a bore of 22.23mm.

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