Jotun Jotamastic 87 Aluminium Standard

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Jotun Jotamastic 87 Aluminium

Jotamastic 87 Aluminium is a two-component surface tolerant that provides long-lasting corrosion protection.

Jotun Jotamastic 87 Aluminium Standard is a two-component surface tolerant, long lasting corrosion protection for carbon steel that is aliminium pigmented for improved barrier effect. Specially designed for areas where optimum surface preparation is not possible or desired.Use as a primer, mid coat, finish coat or as a single coat system in atmospheric and immersed environments. Suitable for properly prepared carbon steel and aged coating surfaces. It can be applied at sub zero surface temperatures. A low VOC and solvent emission paint coating that is suitable for submersion without a topcoat. 

Area of Use

Jotamastic 87 Aluminium is renowned for providing long-lasting corrosion protection in the most severe environments. All season applicable up to 300 microns in one coat, giving the opportunity for exceptional protection without the necessity for an additional top/sealer coat. Jotamastic 87 Aluminium Standard offers extremely good adhesion to all substrates and compatibility in typical maintenance situations.

Designed for use as a maintenance and repair product for marine and offshore environments. It is suitable for marine and water ballast tanks, and for the protection of sturctures in offshore environments such as refineries. Other suitable industrial applications are: power plants, bridges, buildings and general structural steel.


  • Part of the Network Rail/Railtrack RT98 System M24
  • Certificate number XM92/M24-141 and XM92/M24-142
  • Jotamastic 87 Aluminium Standard has been APAS approved to specification 2973, 2973F and 2977 
  • Approved for PSPC water ballast tanks according to IMO resolution MSC.215(82)
  • LuL Reg No. 538: Standard 1-085: XM92 is a protective treatment for use on steel structures coated with sound aged alkyd paints where the existing paint cannot totally be removed. The Jotun system is surface tolerant and suitable for application to abrasive blast-cleaned surfaces, hand or power tool cleaned surfaces and over sound, aged alkyd paint. It complies with LU Standard 1-085 'Fire Safety Performance of Materials' but only when applied to bare steel, not as a coating over other paint.
  • Low flame spread class 1, BS 476, Part 7, 1971. Warrington Fire Research, Naval Eng, Stand 713: Issue 3


  • Suitable exterior metal surfaces
  • Aliminium Finish
  • Comes with Activator.
  • Can be used over existing alkyd paint, epoxy, zinc epoxy, shop primer
  • Surface Tollerant Mastic Coating

Technical Information

Brand Jotun
Coverage Approximately 2.7 - 5.5m2 - 5.5m2 per litre
Application Airless Spray
Drying Time Touch dry in 7 hours, Dry to recoat 10 hours, Fully cured in 7 days @ 23°C
Mix Ratio 6:1 with Jotamastic 87 Standard Comp B

Dry film thickness: 150 - 300 μm

Wet film thickness: 180 - 365 μm

Cleanup Clean directly after using Jotun Thinner No. 17
Storage 2 years if can kept dry and firmly shut, away from direct sunlight
VOC 212.0g/litre
Ingredients Epoxy Mastic



We take health and safety seriously here at AllFinishes and recommend you use the correct protection for the job. Disregarding safety equipment can be damaging and result in long term health conditions. Please check out our Moldex range for high quality respirators and hearing protection.


To secure lasting adhesion to the subsequent product all surfaces shall be clean, dry and free from any contamination.

Substrate                              Minimum                                    Recommended                         
Coated surfaces Clean, dry and undamaged compatible
coating (ISO 12944-5 6.1)
Clean, dry and undamaged compatible
coating (ISO 12944-5 6.1)
Carbon steel St 2 (ISO 8501-1) St 2 (ISO 8501-1)
Shop Primed Steel Clean, dry and undamaged shop
primer (ISO 12944-5 6.1)
Sa 2 (ISO 8501-1)


The product can be applied by

Spray Use Airless Spray
Brush Recommended for stripe coating and small areas.
Roller May be used for small areas. Not recommended for the first primer coat.


The product must be stored in accordance with national regulations. Keep the containers in a dry, cool, well ventilated space and away from sources of heat and ignition. Containers must be kept tightly closed. Handle with care.

Shelf life at 23 °C Conseal Touch-Up 48 month(s). In some markets commercial shelf life can be dictated shorter by local legislation. The above is minimum shelf life, thereafter the paint quality is subject to re-inspection.

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