impra Profilan Prevent

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impra Profilan Prevent

Clear protection for wood against mould and rot

Chosing the right coating system for your exterior joinery project is important. Impra are renowned throughout Europe for their German technology and are revered as specialists in exterior wood coatings. With their know how they have created the impra Profilan range of exterior joinery products for the D.I.Y. enthusiast. impra Profilan Prevent is a waterborne, clear preservative with biocidal components. It Protects against Blue Stain, Fungal Rot and Insect Infestation. It is the perfect product for use underneath other products from the impra range like primers impra Profilan Secur, waterbased stains impra Profilan Fina-Hybrid and impra Profilan Top, solvent based stains impra Profilan Elan and impra Profilan Color and the fully opaque paint systems impra Profilan Opac.

impra Profilan Prevent is a clear water based biocidal primer/preservative for the protection against blue stain, rot and insect infestation for stable, semi-stable and unstable wooden structures. It conforms to the German legislation on Wood Preservation DIN 68800 part 3 and Efficiency certification DIN EN 113 and DIN EN 152-1.

impra Profilan Prevent leaves a clear finish and is to be used as part of a system with other products from the impra range like primers impra Profilan Secur, water based stains impra Profilan Fina-Hybrid and impra Profilan Top, solvent based stains impra Profilan Elan and impra Profilan Color and the fully opaque paint systems impra Profilan Opac. It can also be used in conjunction with other manufacturers of exterior wood stains and paints.

impra Profilan Prevent is ideal for protecting all stable (Windows, Exterior Doors, Conservatories, Beams, Framework, Eaves, Cladding)  semi-stable (Gates, Shutters, Garden Sheds, Beach Huts, Barns and Panel Fencing) and unstable soft wood surfaces (Trellis, Fences, Blind Systems, Pergolas, Carports, Tread Planks, Decking, Stiles, Cladding, Terraces, Wooden Floors). It is unsuitable for surfaces that are based below ground level and susceptible to water submersion.


  • Treats all softwoods against blue stain, mould, rot and pest damage
  • Available in 0.75L and 2.5L
  • One coat, quick drying, colourless and easy to apply by brush, spray or dip.
  • Deep lasting protection

Technical Information

Brand Impra
Coverage 5m2 per litre
Application Brush, Dip Spray
Drying Time Touch dry in 30 minutes @ 23°C. Fully cured in 3-4 hours
Coats 2-3 coats recommended
Cleanup Clean directly after use with water or washing up liquid
Storage 2 Year if can kept dry and firmly shut
VOC 150g/l
Ingredients Pure Acrylic


Technical Data Sheet (91kb PDF)
Safety Data Sheet (92kb PDF)


Perfect sanding is a must for a clean and attractive surface finish. Imperfect, loose coating must be completely removed. Intact coating should be completely sanded. We recommend a medium grit (100 to 150 grit) sandpaper which makes a good starting point for most projects, from sanding unfinished wood to removing old varnish. Finer grit (180 - 240 grit) sandpaper is great for removing the scratches left by coarser grits on unfinished wood and for lightly sanding between coats of paint. We have a range of handy D.I.Y. friendly packs exclusive to Allfinishes of abrasives at great prices from industry leading abrasive manufacturer Klingspor to help you with your project.

If you are sanding by hand we recommend using Klingspor PL 31 B Sandpaper Roll or Klingspor PL 31 B Sandpaper Sheets. If you are sanding using an orbital sander Klingspor PS 22 K Velcro Discs, a delta sander Klingspor PS 22 K Triangle 96mm, a belt sander Klingspor LS 309 XH Sanding Belts or a hand held sander Klingspor PL 31 B Sandpaper Strips.

The wood moisture content for the application of impra coating systems should be between 12–15%.

Stir well before use. Do not dilute. Intermediate rubbing down with a Scotchbrite pad or finer grit sand paper is recommended. Do not use steel wool.

If you are prepping exterior surfaces before painting, we recommend Tesa 4440 Precision Outdoor Masking Tape which is suitable for almost all outdoor paint works and all common kinds of paints, stains and lacquers.

Do not apply on wood in direct contact with food and animal feeding stuffs. Do not apply on wood used indoors. Do not use on beehives. Wood preservatives contain biocides for the protection of timber against fungal decay and/or insect attack. Therefore, apply only if stipulated or necessary in specific cases. Misuse may be harmful to health and environment.


Always consult the technical data sheet before use. Before use, read the technical data and product information. Even when working with low emission products one should take care of the customary protection measures.

impra Profilan Prevent can be applied by Brushing, Flow Coating, Dipping or Spraying. We recommend the use of a brush with a combination of synthetic and natural bristles such as the Purdy Monarch Elite or if you require a brush with a larger pickup the Purdy Pro-Extra Monarch. Applying the product too generously and with insufficient ventilation will lead to delays in drying.

As impra Profilan Prevent contains no emulsifying agent the biocidal components fix on to the surface (no swelling) and following coats adhere particularly well.

Allow to dry for approximately 3–4 hours with good ventilation in between coats. Lower temperatures and/or higher air humidity can increase the drying time.

Please note Oily and Exotic timbers are proven difficult to treat with water based products. Use clear wood preservative (spirit based) on this type of timber.


You can overcoat with products of the impra Profilan range as well as with normally available commercial waterborne paints. If you are using other paints we advise a trial coat as mixing paint brands may invalidate the integrity of the system.

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