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eicó White z1a

Our classic choice of durable kitchen and bathroom wall paint. A washable and steam-resistant finish.

eicó's z1a White is clean, crisp and pure. The neutral white tone flowing throughout complements any colour scheme, but combines particularly well with pastel tones and minimalist settings.

eicó Alterior Satin is a luxury eco-friendly waterborne paint made of 100% pure Acrylics. Dries to a non-yellowing flat finish and displays excellent colour retention. Low dirt pick-up and outstanding weathering properties. The finish adheres well to aged alkyd paints and has a high opacity. The minimal odour and environmentally friendly production process makes this a popular choice for use around children, pets and those suffering from asthma/allergies.

Key Information

Areas of Use

Interior & Exterior - suitable for walls, ceilings, roof tiles & primed structural steel.




Drying Time 2 - 3 hours (touch dry)
Gloss Level 30 (Satin)
Solvent Fresh water
Cleaning of tools Water


Surfaces should be stable, firm, dry and free of contaminants (e,g, dust, sand, loose old paint, grease and oil). On rough surfaces it may be necessary to dilute the paint by about 10% with fresh water. Use only where application and drying can proceed at temperatures above 5º C, preferably above 10º C. Relative humidity should be below 85%.

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