eicó ican Porslin

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the perfect Eggshell for high traffic areas where looks and durability are essential

eico ican Porslin is a high quality waterborne polyurethane and acrylic based premium paint for indoor and outdoor surfaces. The acrylate core-shell technology (hard surface, soft core) provides a hard UV resistant and non-yellowing surface that is tack-free and flexible.

Please note that the measurement depicted on the tin is the Base literage - it is slightly below size to allow room for the colourant to be added and mixed.**

eico ican Porslin is a high quality, UV resistant interior and exterior paint which is perfect for surfaces like Kitchen Doors, Tiles and Splashbacks.

Where durability, hardness and elasticity is required, it's perfect for areas children and pets frequent and will stay looking as fresh as the day it was painted. It will dry to a non-yellowing Eggshell finish. Available in any bespoke colour you desire and displays excellent colour retention and is designed to resist UV light in environments such as kitchens that are exposed to harmful UV light. Superb wear and water resistance, even at high temparatures such as areas exposed to dishwashers.

eico ican Porslin is an environmentally friendly product and blended with the purest raw materials. It is manufactured in Iceland and Sweden, using a combination of geothermal heat and hydropower ensuring they produce paint that is both premium quality and uniquely ecologically friendly.


  • Suitable for exposure to UV
  • Available in the eicó range or bespoke colour desired
  • Ready to use brush or roller use
  • Low VOC
  • Technology provides hard shell and soft core.

Technical Information

Brand eicó
Coverage Approximately 6–10m2 per litre
Application Brush, Roller, Spray
Drying Time Touch dry in 2 hours. Dry to recoat 12 hours @ 23°C
Coats 2 Coats Recommended
Cleanup Clean directly after using water
Storage 2 years if can kept dry and firmly shut, away from direct sunlight
VOC 68g/l
Ingredients Core-Shell, Acrylate Polyurethane


Technical Data Sheet


On rough surfaces it may be necessary to dilute the paint by about 10% with fresh water. Use only where application and drying can proceed at temperatures above 5ºC, preferably above 10ºC and relative humidity below 85%. Temperature of surface should be 5 to 35º C.

The surface should be stable, firm and free of dust, sand, loose old paint, laitance, dirt, grease and oil prior to using to avoid problems such as uneven or patchy drying.

Surfaces should be cleaned down to remove surface contaminants prior to applying. Prime the surface with a suitable waterbased primer like eicó ican Gripp V. Glossy surfaces previously painted with acrylic must be sanded matt before painting. Apply with brush or suitable enamel-roller.

Before using the paint, it should be thoroughly mixed. Shaking the container will ensure possible all pigment in the paint is dissolved.

Ensure you check the colour by conducting a test area to ensure the finished colour is suitable. Variable substrates can change the appearance of the paint.


Two coats can be applied to achieve the desired coverage and colour depth. The best results are achieved between 18°C and 22°C with good air movement and ventilation.

Use a fine-tipped Synthetic Bristle Brush to apply the paint in a vertical direction then spread the paint out evenly in a horizontal direction. Lay off the final coat in one direction to eliminate brush.

When using Roller application, use a medium pile woven polyester roller. Apply the paint in sloping strokes to spread the paint consistently. Repeat this action by operating in small sections. Always dry to wet areas to minimise roller marks. Lay the final coat in a single direction to ensure that any roller marks are minimised.

When Airless Spraying set up of 18 thou (457µm) 65° angle tip using a pressure of between 2000–2700 psi (138–186 bar) for good results.

When HVLP Spraying the paint may need to be diluted with water by up to 10%. Trial with the air control valve, material flow adjustment, fan size and spray pattern settings on a discreet area until you are happy with the finish. Spray several thin coats, allowing each coat to dry fully before applying the next one.


Wipe lightly with a soft damp cloth or sponge.

Wipe away as much paint as possible from painting tools before cleaning with water. Liquid paint waste must not be poured down the drain, dispose of it according to local regulations. Hand in empty cans to your nearest recycling depot.