Liberon Stone Floor Shine

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Liberon Stone floor shine provides a quick drying and self-shining finish for sealed terracotta and stone floors.

Creates a protective durable coating with long-lasting shine. Ideal for use in areas of high foot traffic such as kitchens and halls. The finish is versatile with stain and water-resistance.

Liberon Stone Floor Shine is a water-based formulation meaning its quick drying. Do not apply in thick coatings as this may result in white marks - build up the shine in thin layers!


  • Protects and shines terracotta and stone flooring.
  • Ideal product for rooms with high foot traffic.
  • Easy to apply, no buffing required.
  • Quick drying.
  • Can be used alongside Liberon Natural Finish Stone Floor Sealer or Liberon Colour Enhancer Stone Floor Sealer.

Technical Information

Coverage 15-20m²
Application Mop or sponge
Drying Time Minimum 1 hour

Please check the Safey Data sheet for ingredients.

MPN 004427, 004422


Product Information

Safety Data Sheet


Before you go ahead and apply this product on your floor, ensure the floor is clean. You can use Liberon Stone Floor Cleaner as required.

Surfaces should be sealed before you go ahead and use Liberon Floor Shine. We recommend you use Liberon Natural Finish Stone Floor Sealer or Liberon Colour Enhancer Stone Floor Sealer.

It’s advised that you do no use on unsealed floors.

Always carry out a test section of your floor to analyse the potential results and the colour compatibility.

It’s advised you do not use this product on waxed, synthetic, varnished floors, bricks and very porous stone surfaces.


To apply this product, you want to dilute 3 parts Stone Floor Shine to 2 parts warm water.

Apply a thin coat of Stone Floor Shine evenly over the whole surface using either a mop or a sponge, depending on your preferred method.

Do not apply this product in heavy thick coats as this may cause white marks which will need to be removed using Liberon Stone Floor Cleaner.

Allow the surface to dry for around 30-60 minutes and the shine will appear.

For a desired higher shine, you are able to apply further coats.


Cleaning and general maintenance may be frequent by re-applying a diluted solution of Stone Floor Shine.

1-part Stone Floor Shine to 5 Parts warm water.

Use as frequently as possible when the surface starts to appear to look dry and dull.

The repeated application process will depend on the usage of that area of the floor.


Product Numbers

Manufacturer's Part Numbers (MPN):

004427, 004422


3282390031971, 3282390047071

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