Liberon Liming Wax

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Create special High Quality White Wash Effects with Liberon Liming Wax.

AllFinishes presents to you Liberon. A traditional superior range of wood and surface finishes that have been preserving and protecting British floors since 1912. With high advanced technology, Liberon is unbeatable in quality and are optimised for durability, quick drying with the perfect finish.

High quality white wax which creates a lime effect, designed to create a white wash effect on most interior woods.

Liberon Liming Wax is a special effect which is created on oak and other hardwoods. Can be also used on some softwoods. Liming Wax is a white wax which creates an effect which allows the grain to pop and expose white wash features.

This product EN71 Part 3 Approved, meaning that this product is safe to apply on toys.


  • Creates a white colour to the grain.
  • Easy to use.
  • Used on interior oak and other hardwood species.
  • Can be used on some softwoods like pine.
  • Used to provide special effects with wax
  • EN71 Part 3 Approved.

Technical Information

Brand Liberon
Coverage 3-4m² per 250ml
Application Steel Wool
Drying Time 5 minutes
Coats 2 coats recommended
Storage Always store in dry conditions with the lid firmly shut. Keep out the way of children.

Please check the Safey Data sheet for ingredients.

MPN 003512, 003503


Product Information

Safety Data Sheet


Ensure the surface is clean and dry before applying this product as not doing so could result in the Liming Wax not to work properly on your wood and failing to create the finish you are wanting to achieve.

On softwoods such as pine, its recommended that you use a wire brush, or coarse with abrasive paper to score the timber.

If you wish to enhance the effect, we can recommend using wood with Liberon Palette Wood Dye before applying Liberon Liming Wax. Liberon Palette Wood Dye is available in a various amounts of colour of wood shades, depending on the personal preference and the overall effect you are wanting to achieve through the final finish.

It’s important to test this product first on a test patch of wood before applying the whole of the product over the entire area of wood you are working on.

Ensure the area is well ventilated.


Liberon Liming Wax has to be worked into the grain of the wood using either a lint-free cloth or using Liberon Ultra Fine Steel Wool – Grade 0000.

Wipe over the area using a clean cloth to remove excess wax that may be left on the surface.

Allow the area to dry for around 3 minutes, remove the white haze using a clean cotton cloth.

You can use Wax Polish Black Bison Neutral or a water-resistant finish if required. You can also use Liberon Finishing Oil.

Apply a second coat of Wax Polish Black Bison and buff the area, or add another coat of oil, depending on what you are using.

The more coats of oil you apply, the higher the water resistance levels would rise and intensity of shine will show in the finish.


This product contains turpentine, which can be flammable.

It’s suggested that you wear gloves when using this product. May cause skin irritation to sensitive skin. Repeated exposure may cause your skin to crack and dry.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Do not empty into drains.

If consumed, do not induce vomiting, seek medical advice immediately and show this container of label.

Product Numbers

Manufacturer's Part Numbers (MPN):
003512, 003503


3282390042427, 3282390042434

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