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Bona WoolPad
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Bona WoolPad, a natural based product sourced from sheep farms in Scandinavia. Natural Lanolin wool is the ideal application tool for buffing your floor 
for a natural satin finish. Highly recommended for Bona Oils.

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Bona WoolPad is a buffer application tool which leaves an excellent finish when used. The pad itself is made from natural content of lanolin, which is sourced
from genuine sheep wool in Scandina via. The natural lanolin wool wax produces a satin finish. Its advised that you use this pad for Bona oil products, 
such as the Bona Craft Oil. The Bona WoolPad produces higher heat towards the surfaces of the wood, compared to regular synthetic pads which improves
the penetration process of oil into the wood grooves and grains. Due to the heat penetration, this allows the application process to speed up with the heat
being produced, allowing the drying time to shorten.


  • Extremely stable, durable and long lasting.
  • Can withstand oil below the pad and allows no splashing of oil.
  • Extracted and sourced from a sheep farm in Scandinavia.
  • Natural fibres of lonalin (Wool Wax).
  • Produces a higher heat which improves the oil penetration process and shortens drying times.
  • Provides an excellent finish when used for polishing.

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