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Bona Retarder

Prolongs Bona's waterborne varnishes, both primer and topcoat.

Bona Retarder is an additive that improves the levelling and prolongs the open time of Bona waterborne varnishes, both primers and top coats. It is designed to be used when the indoor humidity is low and/or the temperature of the room is higher than normal.

Using Bona Retarder will reduce the risk of the finish drying too quickly and leaving roller marks in the dried coat. Can also be added to Bona Sportive Paint for lower viscosity and improved levelling.

  • Facilitates application in dry and/or warm climatic conditions
  • Prolongs the open time
  • Reduces the risk of overlapping and discolouration

Technical Data

Mixing ratio: Varnish: max 4%, Paint: max 10%

Safety: Unclassified

Flash point: Non-flammable

Shelf life: At least 2 years, from the date of production, in unopened original container.

Disposal: Waste and emptied containers should be handled in accordance to local regulations.

Storage/transport: The temperature must not fall below +5°C or exceed +25°C during storage or transportation 


Bona Waterborne Varnish

Add maximum 4% Bona Retarder to the varnish and shake thoroughly. Apply varnish mixed with Bona Retarder as normal according to the instructions on each product’s technical data sheet.

Bona Sportive Paint

Add up to 10% Bona Retarder to the paint and stir thoroughly before use. Use as normal.

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