Bona Decor Paint

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Bona Decor Paint

Bona Decor Paint is a waterborne paint used before being sealed with Bona’s waterborne lacquer.


Bona Decor Paint is a waterborne paint with ultra-hide properties, specially developed for hardwood* floors. It covers in 1-2 coats and establishes an excellent background before being sealed with Bona’s waterborne lacquer.


  • Excellent hiding
  • Quick dry
  • Easy application

Technical Information

Brand Bona
Paint Type: 1 component waterborne polyurethrane dispersion
Colours: White, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Black
Drying Time 2-3 hours
Application Tools: Bona Microfiber Roller with 5mm pile
Application Rate: 12-15 m² per litre per coat Safety 
Cleaning: Wipe tools free from residual material before cleaning with a minimum of water. Dried material can be removed with acetone.
Shelf Life: 2 years from date of production in unopened original container.
Storage Transport: The temperature must not fall below +5°C or exceed +25°C during storage and transport.
Disposal: Wastes and emptied containers should be handled in accordance with local regulations.
VOC Max. 140g per litre
Dilution: Can be diluted with up to 50 vol.% Bona Novia


Product Information

Safety Data Sheet


Ensure floor is acclimatized to its end-use environment, well sanded and/or brushed, dry and free from sanding dust, oil, wax and other contamination. Allow paint to reach room temperature and stir the container thoroughly before use. Recommended application conditions are 18-25 C and 30-60% relative air humidity. High temperatures and low humidity shorten, low temperatures and high humidity lengthen drying time. The minimum temperature for use is 13°C.


  • If using White or Light Grey Paint. Pre-treat the surface with Bona Classic Primer and let dry. Do not sand on the primer. If using Dark Grey or Black paint then this step can be omitted.
  • Apply paint using a Bona Microfiber Roller 5 mm and let dry.
  • Make a light intermediate abrasion to reduce any grain raise using Bona Scrad Pad with 2x grit 150 Bona Scrad Wings or finer. Vacuum or dust wipe.
  • If required, for complete hiding, apply a second coat of paint and let dry.
  • Protect the surface with any gloss level and version of Bona Traffic or Traffic HD. Alternatively, Bona Novia can be used. Apply 1-2 layers depending on the expected level of wear.
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