Bedec Aqua Advanced Primer Undercoat

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  • High build acrylic primer for interior & exterior
  • Water-based, quick drying and low odour 
  • Non-yellowing for long-lasting colour
  • Professional trade quality
  • Excellent flow
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Bedec Aqua Advanced Primer

Bedec Aqua Advanced Primer Undercoat is a high- performance acrylic primer and undercoat, suitable for both interior and exterior use.

It is specially formulated using 100% acrylic resin for adhesion, durability and water-resistance, making it the perfect base coat prior to application of acrylic water-based or alkyd-based enamels, such as Bedec Aqua-Advanced High Obliterating Matt, Bedec Aqua-Advanced Satin Finish and Bedec Aqua-Advanced High Gloss.

Areas of Use

Internal walls, ceilings and woodwork to help hide imperfections.

It is perfect for application to doors, skirting boards, windowsills, door frames and wooden window frames.

Technical Information

Brand Bedec
Coverage 13–15m² per litre (depending on substrate and porosity)
Application Brush, Roller, Spray
Drying Time Touch dry in 30 minutes; dry to recoat in 4 hours @ 23°C
Coats 2 coats
Cleanup Clean directly after using water
Storage 2 years if can kept dry and firmly shut, away from direct sunlight
VOC 30g/l
Material Water based acrylic
MPN QC0002QC0004


Product Information (68kb PDF)
Safety Data Sheet (134kb PDF)
Bedec Product Range (1.1Mb PDF)


Ensure surfaces to be painted are clean dry and free from dust, dirt, grease and wax, we recommend using the Rodo Super Cling Dust Sheet. Remove all loose and defective paint. For further information contact customer care.

Algae and fungal growths should be treated with fungicidal wash and removed. Allow new galvanised at least one month to weather before painting. Areas under constant water contact such as showers (hot and cold) aren’t recommended for Bedec Aqua-Advanced Primer Undercoat.

Check for staining. It is recommended to use Bedec Stain Block where staining occurs.


Ensure temperature is above 8°C during application and drying. Do not apply when foggy or damp or likely to rain before the paint has dried.

Brush — For best results use a good quality synthetic (nylon or polyester) brush, designed for water-based products such as the Wooster Gold Edge FSC brush.

Roller — Mini rollers are very good for flush doors and radiators, such as the Rodo Tiger Medium Pile Mini Rollers.

Airless Spray — Make sure the Tip size 13–17 thou, Pressure 2000–2500 psi.

Conventional Air Spray or HVLP — recommend a 1.8mm needle nozzle set up.


Fully hardened after one week.

Clean equipment immediately after use with warm soapy water. Remove as much product as possible prior to cleaning.

Do not empty in to drains or watercourses. Some local authorities have special facilities for disposal or dispensing of waste coatings.

Product Numbers

Manufacturer's Part Numbers (MPN):
QC0002/1,  QC0002/2.5, QC0002/5, QCD004/1, QCD004/2.5


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