Bedec Acrylic Floor Paint

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Revitalise your wooden and concrete floors!

Bedec Acrylic Floor Paint is a specially formulated Interior use waterbased, high-build, modified acrylic resin floor paint that proves a hard surface with excellent durability. It is ideal as a decorative and protective coating for cement, rendering, concrete, stone, M.D.F., chipboard, hard and soft wood.

Bedec Acrylic Floor Paint has been specially formulated using a combination of high build modified self-cross linking acrylic resins, giving you the complete solution for domestic and commercial floor coating needs. It helps ease removal of dirt, dust, oil and grease and can be used for identification of specific areas, which both protects and enhances. It also helps to reduce dusting, which causes damage to equipment such as computers, TV’s, DVD’s etc.

It is available in 9 Colours. Light Grey ( BS 00A01), Battleship Grey (BS 00A09), Black (BS 00E53), White (BS 08E51), Yellow (BS 08E51), Blue (BS 18E53), Tile Red, Dark Green (BS 14C39) and Clear

Bedec Acrylic Floor Paint is suitable for use on wood and concrete floors and is perfect for Garage Floors, Factory Floors and Workshops. It can also be used on cement, rendering, concrete, stone, M.D.F., chipboard, hard and soft wood. It is also suitable for new concrete.

Also contains a fine aggregate to give anti-slip properties and enhanced grip, making it ideal for walkways and slip hazards.


  • Protects and improves the look of your floor
  • Makes it easy to remove dirt, dust, oil and grease
  • Perfect for identification areas and demarcation zones
  • Reduces the need for dusting and damage to equipment
  • Contains anti-slip properties and enhanced grip

Technical Information

Brand Bedec
Coverage 8–10m² per litre (depending on substrate and porosity)
Application Brush, Roller
Drying Time Touch dry in 2–4 hours; dry to recoat in 16 hours @ 23°C
Coats 2 coats
Cleanup Clean directly after using water
Storage 2 years if can kept dry and firmly shut, away from direct sunlight
VOC 60g/l
Material Waterbased acrylic
MPN FF0000, FF0002, FF0003, FF0004, FF1487, FFA004, FFB001, FFD007, FFS005, 


Product Information (74kb PDF)
Safety Data Sheet (207kb PDF)
Bedec Product Range (1.1Mb PDF)


Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from wax, grease and oil. Remove all dust and loose particles. New concrete should be allowed to thoroughly cure before coating. On existing painted surfaces, remove all loose and flaking paint, and thoroughly rub down with abrasive paper.

Plastic surfaces should be cleaned with a soapy solution, rinsed, allowed to dry and lightly rubbed down with fine abrasive paper.


Stir thoroughly before use. Apply by brush, or for larger areas, lambswool roller. On new or porous surfaces, seal the surface by thinning the first coat 30% with clean water, following with one or two coats as necessary.



The coated surface should not be treated with strong alkali (caustic) cleaners. Clean by mopping lightly with a weak detergent solution (ie washing up liquid in water), rinse and dry do not leave surface wet for prolonged periods.

Product Numbers

Manufacturer's Part Numbers (MPN):
FF0003/5, FFD007/5, FF0000/5, FFS005/5, FFB001/5, FF0004/5, FF0002/5, FFA004/5, FF1487/5